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“Clifford Meth has the touch,” says Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. “Fantasy dark humour and ravishing detail to his characters. Isaac Asimov meets C. S. Lewis meets Beelzebub meets.....well, Clifford Meth.”

Clifford has been writing for the music, comics, science fiction, and horror industries since 1980. His articles have appeared in numerous magazines from Billboard to Wizard, and he’s frequently syndicated by the L.A. Times Entertainment Newswire. You can read his semi-weekly column "Past Masters" at

Cliff’s first published fiction "I, Gezheh" debuted in 1994 in Aardwolf #1. With an Afterword by author Robert Bloch, the controversial story earned Meth an instant following. "I, Gezheh" was subsequently reprinted in Gauntlet, then purchased for e-publication by Barnes & Noble.

More than 50 of Cliff’s short stories have seen print--most of them in a series of tight, thematic collections of illustrated fiction from Aardwolf Publishing. In 1997, Barnes & Noble Online selected Perverts, Pedophiles & Other Theologians as its Horror Pick of the Week, and it remained on the Top-10 List for four consecutive weeks. In 2002, Cliff's experimental novella Wearing the Horns was released with an introduction by famed rocker Pat DiNizzio of The Smithereens.

Cliff’s most recently published work is god’s 15 minutes, an omnibus that collects his first five books and includes a new Afterword by Harlan Ellison. Two stories from this collection were optioned for the big screen by Richard Saperstein (EVP of Seven). Cliff’s forthcoming book, METHo.d., was designed by comic art legend Jim Steranko, who also did the cover. He is also working on concurrent film and publishing projects with Neal Adams, Peter David and Dave Cockrum.

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