methOD cover by Steranko
January 20, 2006
Comics legend Jim Steranko has designed a startling cover to METHo.d., the first all-new Meth collection in eight years! Originally proposed under the banner Mean Little Stories, Steranko suggested the new title for the book and has taken an active role its production.

More than any other comics creator, the name Steranko conjures cutting-edge noir imagery, searing cinematic storytelling, narrative experimentation, and the ethics of perfection to legions of followers who collected his Captain America, X-Men, SHIELD, Shadow, Superman, Chandler, and Heavy Metal work. Yet as Steranko's incendiary status grows, so too does the enigmatic persona that shrouds his legend.

METHo.d. collects thirteen dark little tales with art by Steve Lieber, Al Milgrom, Jordan Raskin, Michael Netzer, Wm. Messner-Loebs, and Paty Cockrums, as well as an introduction by Peter David who writes, "Clifford Meth knows things. Dark, dank, nasty things that most others wouldn't care to admit they know..."

“I’m delighted with this book,” said Jim Reeber, Aardwolf’s publisher/editor. “Meth is on the prowl, the art is superb, and a cover and design by Jim Steranko makes it an event.”

METHo.d. is in the January issue of Previews for titles shipping in March, 2006. Two-hundred signed/numbered copies are available directly from Aardwolf Publishing ( All copies of METHo.d. purchased DIRECTLY from Aardwolf come with an unconditional money-back guarantee. “How’s that for confidence?” asks Reeber.

When Cliff Says He's Been Busy...

...He's not kidding.
Handsome Dick
Cliff's current projects include Gene Roddenberry's Starpoint Academy and Dave Cockrum's Futurians film, both for IDT Entertainment. Books in progress include Comic Book Babylon (introduction by Stan Lee), METHo.d. (cover by Jim Steranko) and One Small Voice (cover by Neal Adams). In the last few weeks, Cliff has also interviewed WWF Champion Bill Goldberg, guitarist/songwriter Leslie West ("Mississippi Queen"), and "Handsome" Dick Manatoba (of The Dictators) for his various columns and another eventual book project.

Tough Questions for Tough Jews: The Return of Hank Magitz

March 23, 2004
Cliff's favorite author Hank Magitz has resurfaced at a little known but highly regarded blog entitled The Pig of Death. Magitz will be writing a semi-regular column for the blog entitled Tough Questions for Tough Jews.

"It's a long way from The Paris Review," Cliff notes. "I would imagine it will be a while before the literazzi become aware that Magitz crawls among us again, but he's bound to get noticed sooner or later, at which point he'll likely disappear once more, shrouded in mystery like Salinger or Steve Ditko. All I can say is I dig the cat. Read him and weep."

For those of you unfamilair with Magitz, his biography from the back of his current New York Times bestseller Black Eye for the Queer Guy:

Hank Magitz was born Henry Thoreau Magitzowski in Buenas Areas, Argentina. Following a scandalous incident involving Eva Peron and a midget, Magitz fled his native country in 1951 and arrived in Brooklyn Heights, NY, where he was befriended by minor Beat poet Greg Corso (rumor has it that Corso’s seminal poem “Bomb” was an ode to their sordid friendship). Some months later, Magitz came under the tutelage of Stella Adler and studied both “the method” and Russian punch-needle embroidery with her but was asked to leave The Actor’s Studio after a brouhaha with Marlon Brando, which left Magitz with a permanent lisp and Brando believing, years later, that he was a Native American. With 46 novels to his credit, all written in his adopted language of Esperanto, Magitz currently resides near the fortress of Rumeli Hisar in Istanbul where he leads a grassroots movement to decriminalize the exportation of cheese made from mother’s milk. You can visit him at

And now for something completely different...

February 24, 2005
Everyone at Aardwolf is crooning about The Three Tenors: Off Key -- a new bizarre collection of heroic and tragic tales from the unorthodox trio of Dave Cockrum, Clifford Meth and Bill Messner-Loebs. There will be nine stories in all -- three from each creator; all weird science, weird heroes, and stuff to make your head spin.

Cameo appearances by Cerebus creator Dave Sim (who is writing the Intro), Tom Spurgeon (who is writing the Outro), Al Milgrom and Steve Lieber. The Three Tenors: Off Key is scheduled to ship in late June. “My gratitude for and fear of this project knows no bounds,” says Messner-Loebs. “I used to be a baritone, but for Clifford I’ll be a tenor.”


One Small Voice cover by Neal Adams
December 7, 2004
Comics Legend Neal Adams just completed the art for the cover of Cliff's forthcoming omnibus One Small Voice and boy, is it a beauty! Neal is a master of realism and satire, and this one has both.

One Small Voice is the sequel to god's 15 minutes and will reprint updated versions of Conflicts of Disinterest and Wearing the Horns, as well as stories that appeared in Stranger Kaddish.

When Cliff brought Neal the news of Marvel's settlement offer to Dave Cockrum back in March, Neal was delighted. "I could kiss you on the mouth!" he exclaimed.

"Howzabout doing the cover of my next book instead?" Cliff replied.

So everyone wins.

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